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I write about CSE, Astronomy, Life, and Poetry

What does it do to you?

What do you actually need to live a fulfilling life?

All the money to afford anything you want? A love returned in full? A successful career? A place you could call home? Good health?

I think part of the answer is in our “mindset”.

There are a lot of things in life that are not completely in our control but our interpretation of life in itself comes from the state of our mind, something we can fine-tune the way we want to. …

The aftermath of the Lotus and the Ghost (P.S. Not exactly related :P)

Her love was an illusion that only he could feel
Her love was an illness that made him bleed
Her love was like the locus of a ghost
That sucked life out of him to stay alive

Another beautiful soul, as it devoured
He remembered her assassin and his rose

She lived a lie she told herself
She hid her soul in closet shelves
The real her strayed elsewhere
While her persona left none to spare

She snapped her wings, her skill to fly
For falling clouds passing by
She chased down things, she feared missing out
While she snubbed the flags, when…

A Live Poets of NITT Collaboration

This poem is an ultimate collaboration of 14 poets from the Live Poets Society of NITT, where each contributed their take on what we are, as a generation.

We are a generation
Of losers and loners
Living with FOMO
Of things we don’t need

We are a generation
Of trends and fads
And crazy things
We don’t understand

We are a generation
Of blood and chrome
Love beyond material
We seldom seek

On tough life choices and unconventional paths

You would have seen stories of students cracking JEE/CAT to get into the top colleges out there. You would have seen students from the so-called tier 3 colleges getting into FAANG companies.

There are a lot of different stories we come across in life and the story of our guest for this edition of the micro-chat series is something you would not come across often. Abhiram is a 2019 ECE graduate of NIT Trichy, one of the top colleges of India. He had pretty good grades, and a good resume, overall. He could have applied to a master's program. He…

On tech, education, writing, and more

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

Our guest today is someone who resonates well with the above thought. A software engineer by profession and an alumnus of NIT Trichy (batch of 2019), Abhinaya S.B. talks about her views on being a woman in tech, handling life in today’s world, and her passion for writing, in this exuberant conversation ahead.

To give a quick intro, Abhinaya is a Computer Science graduate with a range of research and industry experience spanning multiple areas in the field. …

What’s a perfect gift?

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? More so, when it is something you yearned for. And who doesn’t love giving gifts, especially to the people you love, to make them feel special?

Gifts hold a unique place in all sorts of human relationships. From friends to family to our loved ones, it does put a smile on our faces. From something as simple as a piece of paper or a flower to a private jet or a villa, gifts take a lot of forms.

Given the importance they hold in our lives, I wanted to document some of my thoughts in…

Here’s a one-of-a-kind micro-interview series

What is common to a random conversation over a cup of coffee, a simple yet alluring photograph, or a few lines of poetry/literature?

All of them have the power to change the world.

And that power is in you too. Every one of us has it. We may just not know how to channel it, where to channel it, and at times are unaware of our own contributions that help in the betterment of the society at large. But, with every little positive step you take, you are creating a ripple effect and making the world a better place.


A personal reflection

I was looking at my LinkedIn profile the other day and noticed a few lines from a recommendation written by one of my friends-

“Aditya is one of the most efficient managers of time. It makes me wonder as to how he gets time to work for LinkedIn, manage his academics and nurture his technical skills.”

When I look at it today, it looks like an overkill but there was a time when I used to give my semester exam in the morning, do my internship work in the afternoon, work on LinkedIn and my personal projects in the evening…

And why I am not too much into them

I’ll be straightforward and honest here. I find a lot of culture around parties to be fake and namesake. I personally don’t find enjoyment in such things, the way they happen these days. By using the word, “Party”, I am also referring to the casual social gatherings that happen among friends.

The thoughts in this diary entry are specific to me and me alone. These are the ideals I stand for. I do acknowledge that different people will have different preferences. Take these thoughts as just another perspective on the internet and introspect for yourself.

Things that don’t sink well with me

The inevitable

From best friends to arch enemies and family, it is almost inevitable for conflict to arise at some point in time. In fact, conflict is a frequent part of human life. We all would have had our differences in opinions and interests. We might have told something we shouldn’t have or behaved in a way someone didn’t like and so on- conflicts happen all the time, for all sorts of reasons.

I wanted to share some perspectives on dealing with them given how intense and life-changing some conflicts can be. I guess, the next time I end up in a…


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